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Black Drop is a hip hop group originating from Los Angeles, CA. The members are: Brotha Blink (IG – @iambrothablink), MP, O Tha Reel One, Payback (IG – @paybackizhere), San Brown (IG – @sanbrown21), and Skin Deep. The group pays homage to its honorary member and fallen soldier, Small World who suddenly passed away from a heart attack at the young age of 31 in 2001. Black Drop is self-contained, with all lyrics penned by its members and production by Payback and Brotha Blink.

The members represent South L.A., Watts, and Queens, NY. Inspired by lyrical ingenuity, hard hitting & head bobbing tracks, and vintage soul, jazz, and R&B music, this hip hop collective carries the hip hop torch in a way that celebrates it and pays homage to the innovators. Black Drop blends critical thinking, braggadocio, sociopolitical commentary, and grassroots street perspectives to form a unique sound that appeals across the spectrum of hip hop generations. Black Drop is simply “damn good hip hop!”

The group’s self-titled debut album, “Black Drop,” was released in fall 2018. Its 2nd album, “UNAPOLOGETIC,” will be released in January 2020. The group is also comprised of solo acts with members Payback, San Brown, and MP all having solo EPs being released in the near future. The group plays local venues in Los Angeles and throughout the country.

For booking information, contact 202.922.7104 or

08 – They Ask Why (snippet) // UNAPOLOGETIC
  1. 08 – They Ask Why (snippet) // UNAPOLOGETIC
  2. 06 – The World Keeps Turnin’ (snippet) // UNAPOLOGETIC
  3. 05 – Unapologetic (snippet) // UNAPOLOGETIC
  4. 02 – L.A. Gospel (snippet) // UNAPOLOGETIC
  5. 01 – Spittaz (snippet) // UNAPOLOGETIC
  6. 07 – Shattered Windows (snippet) // UNAPOLOGETIC
  7. 04 – L.A. All Day (snippet) // UNAPOLOGETIC
  8. 03 – Get Hi, Get Lo (snippet) // Black Drop - UNAPOLOGETIC